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Protesters gather before the march to Drake Avenue raising their fists symbolizing black power.
Marin City unites to protest racial injustice
Melissa Auchard, Staff • June 5, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, Marin County locals gathered in Marin City to protest the death of George Floyd and to motivate and mobilize support for the racial justice movement sweeping across America.  Driving on the 101 freeway...

A protestor preaches to the crowd about racial injustice.
San Anselmo gathers in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement
Melissa Auchard, Staff • June 4, 2020

On Saturday, May 30, hundreds of Marin protesters gathered to march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and to mourn the death of George Floyd, an innocent black man who was recently murdered by police.  Floyd...

Car Strikes Protestor at Solidarity Walk in San Anselmo
P.J. Nave, Staff • May 30, 2020

During a Black Lives Matter protest in San Anselmo a car struck someone. Protesting, “endless institutionalized racism and murder”, citizens from across Marin came together on Saturday to make their voices heard....

ASB election results influenced by unparalleled circumstances
ASB election results influenced by unparalleled circumstances
Melissa Auchard, Staff • May 21, 2020

After Drake High School’s shut down due to the coronavirus, the ASB elections were up in the air. There was some confusion about how the elections would occur. Would ASB wait to hold elections until the following school...

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Nightly howl unites community amid COVID-19 crisis
Alice Simenstad

Every night, as the clocks chime eight across Marin County, residents open their doors and howl together as a way to stay connected with neighbors, friends, and family. Citizens...

Tips to overcoming the “college defining” tests
Lucie Martikan and Sarah Barsky

It’s springtime, which, for lots of high school juniors, means it’s time to think about college. While also trying to stay on top of their classes and take part in extracurriculars,...

Students gather for tree dedication ceremony in remembrance of Shayne Rebbetoy
Students gather for tree dedication ceremony in remembrance of Shayne Rebbetoy
Samantha Parr, Staff

“Love you forever.” “We love and miss you and your hair.” “Your spirit lives.” These loving messages are just a few of the many written to Shayne Rebbetoy. Shayne’s...

(left to right, back to front) Pierre Beaurang, Hugo Leinbach, Riley Evans, Finn McKitterick, Xenia McLean, Douglas Jackson, Audry Daniel, Izzy Brisco-Schofield, Sasha Yovino, Ariana Brisco-Schofield, Jack Long, Ceci Hellman, Ethan Fredenburg, Santiago Powell. Not pictured: Bella Lee, Refael Nathan-Israel, Clara Nuuja, Bri Woods
Jury declares Mock Trial a success
Alice Simenstad

The sun has set on Drake’s 2019-20 Mock Trial season. The team finished Feb. 1 with one win and three losses. Even with a losing season, freshman Bri Woods, freshman Jack...

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Underrepresentation of women in sports negatively affects young female athletes’ outlooks
Melissa Auchard, Staff • May 9, 2020

It’s a hot summer day in Milwaukee, and the Giants versus Brewers game is shown on thousands of televisions across America. The bases are loaded, and Buster Posey is up...

Perspective on performance anxiety: You are not alone
Adelina Merrell, Staff • May 9, 2020

The swimmers take their mark up on the blocks, the crowd of onlookers, and teammates hollering “Good luck!” These athletes are ready to race at top speeds through the...

Sophomore Luke Willis tears through mud on the trails of Swasey.
Photo courtesy of Katherine Csizmadia
Coronavirus puts mountain biking season in peril after successful first race
Jack Reuter, Sports Editor • April 3, 2020

The Drake mountain biking team won their first race at Swasey Recreation Area on Mar. 7, yet the coronavirus threatens to end the rest of their season. The race was a muddy,...

Drake among first MCAL schools to experience loss of girls’ softball team
Drake among first MCAL schools to experience loss of girls’ softball team
Samantha Parr, Staff • March 13, 2020

The ball comes hurtling at you and your bat sends it rocketing towards the fence across the field. The wind whistles in your ears as you dart around the bases and you’re...

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CW’s adaptation of Batwoman misses the mark
Jeannette West, Staff

2.5 stars   Following the success of the Batwoman comics, many DC fans had high hopes for the new Batwoman show. With the comic book’s interesting premise, the...

In house iced almond milk latte
New local cafe provides a unique twist to Marin coffee shops
Sarah Barsky, Feature and Opinion Editor

NOTE: This visit was done prior to the expansion of COVID-19. However, Pink Owl Coffee is available for delivery and pick up on Uber Eats, Grubhub, Caviar, and DoorDash.  Daily...

The Strokes knock it out of the park with “The New Abnormal”
The Strokes knock it out of the park with “The New Abnormal”
Otis Hixon, Staff

“The New Abnormal” is a beautiful concoction of classic Strokes and something... different. Dabbling in everything from britpop to even auto-tuned vocals, their newest...

Conan Gray’s new album proves he still has a lot to learn
Conan Gray’s new album proves he still has a lot to learn
Otis Hixon, Staff

Although Conan Gray’s been releasing music since 2017, “Kid Krow” is his first attempt at a full-length album. While it still manages to capture the airy, nostalgia-infused...

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Marin isn’t immune to racial injustice

“Our question is simple: what is Mill Valley doing to show that black lives matter?” a citizen asked. “It is a council policy that we...

The 12 Days of Quarantine
Jeannette West, Staff

To the tune of the 12 days of Christmas by Frederic Austin   On the first day of quarantine my true love gave to me A one dozen...

Drake High School reconsiders name change
Alexandra Fry, Feature and Satire Editor

A campaign to rename Drake High School has resurfaced. Drake is currently named after Sir Francis Drake, a British pirate and slave trader. The...

In opposition to the Drake Academic Party
Nick Anthony, Arts & Entertainment Editor

In politics, especially high school politics, elections revolve around promising something new and different to the student body. Whether that...