Beloved teacher, advisor retires


The Jolly Roger Staff

For the past twenty years, this school has had the privilege of having Mary Jane “MJ” Jones on staff. For fourteen years, the Jolly Roger has had the honor of having her as our advisor.

For the hundreds of students she has taught, she has provided them with a slew of funny memories.
MJ has been known for her blunt and witty humor, as well as her incredible stories about anything from Nixon to couches. As she now enters a well earned retirement the staff of JR would like to share our favorite memories, and a few examples of why MJ is so special.

“Anyone who knows MJ knows her to be the perfect blend of honesty and humor. She is the teacher that students can come to for advice, help, or just an interesting conversation.” -Noel Rockwell
“I have had the pleasure to be in MJ’s class for 3 years. She has been the most humorous and caring teacher I have ever had. I will cherish the community of room 203 forever and will miss her.” -Skylar Oswald

“MJ is a great teacher She’s super funny, and makes this class the most fun part of the day (almost too fun cause we never meet the deadlines). It’s been awesome to learn from her in journalism and in life. We’ll miss you.”- Natalie Agnew

“MJ really taught me to accept criticism and how to actually learn from it. She’s funny when she wants to be but very serious when she needs to be. She finds a nice balance between being productive and having a good time.” -Connor George

“Although she might be known for her humour, she has also been an incredible mentor to me in the short time that I’ve had her as a teacher. As an aspiring writer, she has helped my writing grow a large amount and I have learned so much from her.” -Sarah Barsky

“A turn of events led me to MJ’s nonfiction class. Somewhere between her stories of Nixon and Catholicism, she ended up introducing me to something that has become my passion. I am forever grateful, and though this goodbye is bittersweet, I could not think of someone more deserving of every good thing retirement life will bring her. Thank you, Queen. -Alexandra Fry

“Really cool person, always been a stan.” -Ella Granelli

“MJ’s a teacher like none other. I don’t know how to say thank you for the countless laughs and life advice that she deals out, the dedication she has for the paper and for the class. Drake is losing one of its greatest teachers. She’s truly the kind of teacher that you remember for the rest of your life” -Stefanie Iojica

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