Big Three salvage school newspaper

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Big Three salvage school newspaper

Connor George, Reporter

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As the school year comes to a close, it’s always nice to take look back and really appreciate all the wonderful highs and the gut wrenching lows. Being in my senior year I’ve become more and more emotionally attached to many things at our beautiful school.

My strongest connection, however, and the thing I’ll miss by far the most is the Jolly Roger. The staff has really become like a family to me, especially our nurturing mother and teacher Mary Jane Jones. She never points out your faults and is always quick to defend you when someone does. I look up to her more than anyone at the school.

The coveted Jolly Roger is only made possible by its irreplaceable staff. The main crew who really run the show are Colin Brown, Sam Mohan-Lewin and myself. If it weren’t for the Big Three, the class would be absolutely worthless. Not only do we grind during class, but we often spend out of class time writing other people’s stories.

We learned from our previous mentors to work smarter, not harder. Using this mentality we are able to keep the class on track and make the most entertaining paper possible. There is plenty of political tension within the classroom. Politically far left individuals, such as Eli Wrathall, often get put on blast by the several conservative members of the class; Noel Rockwell and Vivian Cunniffe to name two.

Rockwell is one of the people that gives the Jolly Roger a bad name. She is a constant reminder that the saying “hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard” isn’t applicable since she’s both untalented and refuses to work hard. She constantly slows the class down and is essentially just a detriment. Rockwell is quick to get into political arguments that she knows nothing about usually resulting in her looking like an absolute fool.

Another one of the biggest slackers in the room is Otis Lyons. He truly lacks a competitive spark so he is never motivated to do work. One of the things he despises the most is when kids try too hard at school activities like dodgeball or 3v3 basketball tournaments.

However the one thing that really gets on his nerves is  Assassin. He just can’t come to grips with why anyone would dedicate hours of their life to this game and honestly finds it immature. The main thing Lyons does in class is watch soccer because he believes that while it is foolish for high schoolers to play games, watching grown men play them is completely understandable. His favorite teams to watch are Manchester United and the Mexican National Team.

Moving back to the brighter spots of the class, Skylar Oswald is a close fourth to the big three. Always happy to be in class, she is the first one there and the last to leave. She constantly adds valuable insight on relevant sophisticated topics. Many seniors develop senioritis, however, Oswald seems to be more motivated than ever.

The two most talkative people in the class are Cunniffe and
Emily Lavaroni. They constantly loud mouth the teacher and cause huge disruptions. They both get kicked out on a regular basis for being too defiant.

Last but not least is Luke O’Heidhin. O’Heidhin is the best salesman on the staff. When we finish an issue O’Heidhin sells the most copies by a landslide. Not only is he head of the sales department, but O’Heidhin is also the most avid news writer on staff. He is always sure to cover the fires, even in February when the fires were months passed.

The class had big holes to fill this year, however Mohan-Lewin, Brown and myself were able to come up big for the squad. Brown and I, mentored by two legends last year, carried on their legacy