Basketball season kicks off strong

Basketball season kicks off strong

As tryouts come to an end for both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams of the 2019-2020 winter season, expectations are high for this new season. The tryouts ended strong, seeing as both varsity teams had good players that work well together, allowing the coaches to choose the best players and form a solid team. 


“Tryouts were hard because there were so many great girls trying out. In the end, though, we have what looks like a really great team, ” said Greta Heubner, commenting on trying out for the girls’ team.


Last season the boys’ team ended up with a strong record and a concrete finish. The varsity team left a lasting impression with a 13-15 overall and 9-7 for league. They even made it to the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) playoffs against Redwood, where they lost, 58-37. Then, in the North Coast Section (NCS) game against San Marin, they also lost, 53-43. 


The girls finished their season powerfully, concluding with 19-9 overall and 11-5 for league. The girls’ team participated in their first small scrimmage against San Domenico on Nov. 9th. With the way tryouts are going, the future of the team looks promising.

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