Car Strikes Protestor at Solidarity Walk in San Anselmo

During a Black Lives Matter protest in San Anselmo a car struck someone. Protesting, “endless institutionalized racism and murder”, citizens from across Marin came together on Saturday to make their voices heard. When, suddenly, a Porsche rammed into a protestor. “A guy in his Porsche was trying to run through a bunch of us,” said Fairfax resident Ruffin Bailey, a witness at the scene. Luckily, police were nearby and responded to the incident quickly. Currently, the driver is in custody. Only one individual was hit and they didn’t sustain serious injury. The event unfolded at the four way stop in San Anselmo known simply as “the hub”. According to police, they only expected fifty individuals to come to the march; however, over 300 people came to protest the death of George Floyd.

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