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2020 candidates’ plans for reducing college costs

Natalie Agnew, Sports Editor

June 6, 2019

The burden of college cost is an expense that can make a degree unattainable or follow those who choose to attend long into their lives. With seniors leaving for college and juniors just beginning the college process, cost and...

“Golden Handshake” program incentivizes retirement

Stefanie Iojica, Editor-in-chief

February 14, 2019

As the district continues to face financial stress, Tam District has decided to implement a retirement incentive program, colloquially called the “Golden Handshake,” to encourage retirement from older and more experienced...

Curriculum change English, Small Learning Communities

Natalie Agnew, Sports Editor

February 14, 2019

On the heels of course workshops, with plans for next fall on the horizon, the school looks to adapt the 9/10 Small Learning Communities and English course offerings to raise academic standards for all students entering their...

Fairfax Theater remodels

Alexandra Fry, Features Editor

October 17, 2018

The Fairfax Theater has recently undergone a remodel. Gone are the red flip top seats, replaced with plush faux leather recliners complete with tray tables. Theater interiors have been upgraded from paisley carpeting to laminate...

Assigned school parking spots set to make their debut this fall

Matthew Stranzl, Reporter

June 8, 2018

Assistant Principal Chad Stuart, working with staff and Student Senate, has decided to assign parking spaces for next school year. “Staff members proposed the idea due to violations of their staff parking rights and the lack...