Jolly Roger

Gender neutral dolls raise questions about identity

Disembodied doll parts  for a DIY paper doll.

Melissa Auchard, Staff

February 3, 2020

What has blue eyes, blonde hair, and tanned skin? Add disproportionately long legs, a waist the width of a pinky, and perfectly perky breasts to the mix and this has been the face of the doll industry for over sixty years.  Barbie Millicent Roberts made her debut in 1959. Launched by the toy compan...

Human trafficking thrives in Marin

Stefanie Iojica

February 3, 2020

We walk by the victims every day. Hundreds of thousands of them work in our nail salons, staff our hotels, walk our streets, only to disappear weeks later. Marin County, California: safe, affluent, suburban, and human trafficking capital.  Beneath Marin’s reputation for safety and low crime lies a far...

Zianah Griffin

Zianah Griffin, Guest Writer

February 3, 2020

What would happen if I speak up? I often wonder this when I’m walking through a neighborhood with other people and I hear a demeaning comment about Latino workers. When a rap song comes on and someone drops the N-word. Or someone just drops the N-word. When people impersonate different cultures with...

Janet Ramirez- Race X Identity

Janet Ramirez, Guest Writer

February 3, 2020

Since I was little, I have been constantly reminded by my parents to always be proud of my Latina roots. They made it their mission to make Spanish my first language; up until now, it [has] been the only language spoken at home. Traveling annually to Mexico since a very young age has also helped keep ...

Race X Identity

Fiona Nudd

February 3, 2020

As we delved into the issue of Identity, we got an influx of ideas, ranging from sexual identity to politics. It became apparent later in the planning that our staff was lacking a vastly important piece of identity; we have articles on gender, antisemitism, and intelligence, but we lacked any articles on r...

Low-profile evening event enjoyed by Drake seniors

An artist shaping clay in one of the facilities used for AP Night.

Kaden Brastow

January 5, 2020

Wednesday nights from seven to nine p.m., students gather in the art and ceramics studios to work on projects from class, or independent creations. Participating students refer to this event as “AP Night”. This event provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested to create art while socializing...

Gap year presents solution to difficult transitions

Original art by Samantha Parr representative of bridging the gap between high school and beyond.

Sarah Barsky

December 26, 2019

When the majority of high school students think of college, they think of a chance to have a fresh start and to grow independent. However, high school graduates are not always prepared for this new chapter of their life. According to The 74, a website focused on educational issues, only about ha...

Dungeons, Dragons, and Drake High School

Fabled fella flippantly fuses to the floor, fractal floats fearfully

P.J. Nave

December 21, 2019

“Dungeons & Dragons” (D&D) is taking the Pirate community by storm. The game’s core lies in a group of players, who adventure through a world created by a “Dungeon Master.” “It’s something that’s accessible to every kind of person,” senior Pierre Beaurang said. Gary Gygax has been...

San Anselmo’s lack of diversity not an accident

An original Illustration by Pace Buchan intertwines the town's homey logo with it's low diversity

Kaden Brastow

December 19, 2019

Any student at Drake is well aware of the demographics. Walking through the corridors, the homogeneity of the student body is distinct.    “We have a very homogenous culture because of our lack of diversity,” said David Cho, a member of Drake SOAR (Students Organized for Anti-Racism)...

Reading challenge shines light on under-appreciated female authors

Alexandra Fry

December 13, 2019

Whether writing autobiographies or fiction, women have contributed to the world of literature while not being fully acknowledged. To commemorate the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, an internet challenge recognizes women for their literary accomplishments.  The podcast “Reading ...

Senior Tree facilitates memories through generations

A picture of an image from a 1952 Drake yearbook depicts students crowding the senior tree area

Alice Simenstad

December 11, 2019

For generations of Pirates, the Senior Tree serves an important purpose as a place where people can talk, laugh, share stories, and be a part of the community. It stands tall over hundreds of students, watching them spend time with friends, talk during fleeting passing periods, and race to class at t...

Let’s raise our sons and daughters the same

An original illustration by Pace Buchan representing the idea of raising our children in gender neutral ways.

Melissa Auchard, Staff

December 10, 2019

I was around eight years old and sitting in a comfortable position on one of my family’s living room chairs, with my feet on the chair and legs bent on either side of my torso. “You should close your legs,” my father said. “Why?” I replied. “Because ladies don’t do that.” “Why?” “...