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Retiring teachers plan for future after cherished years at AWHS

Genevieve Peterson, Website and Social Media Editor
June 3, 2021

With the end of each school year comes the bittersweet news of Archie Williams High School (AWHS)’s beloved teachers’ retirement. Leaving this year are Thea Haselton, Irene Friedman, and Beth Cederstrom. 

Haselton, a therapist at Bay Area Community Resources who is currently working at AWHS as a counselor, plans to start


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Towns of San Anselmo and Fairfax rally behind skateboarding community with skatepark improvements

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor
June 1, 2021

In the past few months, skateparks have risen to the top of the priority list of cities in Marin. On May 11, 2021, the town of San Anselmo completed renovations on the Memorial Park skatepark and the park reopened for public use. On Apr. 10, the town of Fairfax held a ribbon cutting ceremony...

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Board of Trustees approves the name “Archie Williams High School” for HS 1327

Isabella Nash, Junior Copy Editor
May 29, 2021

On May 11 2021, the TUHSD Board of Trustees voted to approve the name “Archie Williams High School” as the new official name of Sir Francis Drake High School. This vote was unanimously approved by all five board members.

After the Drake Leadership Council (DLC) voted for the name “Archie Williams” to be the new official...

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Archie Williams High School Principal Liz Seabury takes temporary leave for new district position

Henry Pratt, News Editor
May 21, 2021

Archie Williams High School (AWHS) Principal, Liz Seabury, has taken a temporary leave to begin a special assignment in the Educational Services Department at the Tamalpais School District Office. As the new  Senior Director of Inclusion Instruction and Intervention, Seabury will work  to create strategies to help students whose education has been hindered by the COVID-19...

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DLC chooses Archie Williams as final name for High School 1327

Isabella Nash, Junior Copy Editor
May 7, 2021

On May 6, the Drake Leadership Council (DLC) voted by a strong majority to suggest the name “Archie Williams” as the new name of Sir Francis Drake High School to the TUHSD Board of Trustees. The DLC thought that this name would help heal the tarnished reputation that the slave trading of Sir Francis Drake left on the school.


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Drake Leadership Council members choose a new process for the name change, prioritizing community’s values

Isabella Nash, Junior Copy Editor
April 27, 2021

On Thursday Apr. 22, the Drake Leadership Council (DLC) held a meeting to determine the future of the name change of High School 1327 (HS 1327). The council discussed a range of concerns such as pausing the name change or, if the community moves forward, how a new name change process might work.

Since the council decided to officially...

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Board’s decision remains inconclusive on further steps in the name change process

Georgia Schroeder and Avery Yudice
April 16, 2021

Tuesday, Apr. 13, the Tamalpais Union High School District Board, along with members of the Drake Leadership Council (DLC), met to discuss further action in the name change process after the removal of “Olema Trail.”

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Dylan Carson, Business Manager
April 13, 2021

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“Olema Trail” removed from final two name options

Georgia Schroeder and Sophia Minutoli
March 30, 2021

Friday, Mar. 26, the Drake Leadership Council (DLC) removed “Olema Trail” from the name change process. High School 1327 (HS 1327) Principal, Liz Seabury, sent out an email on Monday, Mar. 29, informing HS 1327 staff of the decision.

“...the DLC/Site Council has decided to not consider the nominated name, Olema Trail. The...

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Fairfax skatepark community GoFundMe reaches its 30,000 dollar goal

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor
March 25, 2021

A GoFundMe fundraiser for the Fairfax skatepark started by Steven Teijeiro and Andrew Hauris on Dec. 27, 2020, announced that it reached its 30,000 dollar goal on Mar. 5. 

In 2019, Teijeiro, the founder of Neighbor Skate Co., and other advocates brought the idea of a skatepark in Fairfax to the Town Council. The council agreed...

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TUHSD announces plans to return to fully in-person school starting April 13

Kelsey Riemer, Design Editor
March 23, 2021

Tues., Mar. 23, during the fourth week of hybrid learning, an email was released announcing that the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) will return to fully in-person school on Apr. 13. 

Previous information, released Fri., Mar. 19, suggested that the district would move from ...

Genevieve Peterson, Website and Social Media Editor
March 23, 2021

As of Mar. 19 the final two school names have been officially selected and announced, Bon Tempe and Olema Trail. During the semi-finals the High School 1327 (HS 1327) community eliminated Awani-Wi, the name suggested by the Coast Miwok Tribal Council of Marin.

The HS 1327 community will be moving into the final round of voting...

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