Jolly Roger

Stump bad, seniors sad

The senior tree before and after recent cuts for its health.

Kaden Brastow

February 7, 2020

The senior tree watched over us for 57 years, watching us grow and branch out beyond the confines of sleepy San Anselmo. But now, bald and shrinking, its statue has been reduced. It still humbly stands, hoping to age in place, battling a horrific disease, but the prognosis is grim.  Our school’s sy...

Peacock Gap hosting Winter Formal despite previous problems at location

Alice Simenstad

February 3, 2020

Despite previous problems that occurred in the past at dances held by Peacock Gap, ASB has decided to give the location another shot. An inadequate dance floor and lack of alternate activities to dancing caused complications at the Peacock Gap Winter Formal a few years ago, which cautioned ASB from h...

Staff Discusses Possible Changes to SLC’s

Alexandra Fry

February 3, 2020

There’s a new SLC in town; DaVinci and ROCK will be ended in favor of a new plan.  A panel of 19 teachers and three consultants, known as the “SLC Development Team,” have met three times to discuss possible changes. Many have their own opinions about what the SLC’s should look like. Stude...

Congressman Huffman champions climate legislation

Congressman Huffman champions climate legislation

P.J. Nave

February 3, 2020

In September of 2019, dozens of members of congress sent a petition to Donald Trump. The petition demanded a new trade agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), because they claim that NAFTA does not do enough to protect the environment.  Jared Huffman, Marin’s congressional repre...

San Anselmo’s lack of diversity not an accident

An original Illustration by Pace Buchan intertwines the town's homey logo with it's low diversity

Kaden Brastow

December 19, 2019

Any student at Drake is well aware of the demographics. Walking through the corridors, the homogeneity of the student body is distinct.    “We have a very homogenous culture because of our lack of diversity,” said David Cho, a member of Drake SOAR (Students Organized for Anti-Racism)...

‘TikTok’ takes social media throne

Kaden Brastow

December 16, 2019

Has a new heir risen to take the place of popular video app “Vine” after its discontinuation by Twitter three years ago? TikTok is a video-sharing app, launched in 2017 by Chinese developer “ByteDance.” Content on TikTok includes mostly lip-syncing, comedy, challenges, and trends. The app i...

Drake brothers band together

The Holmberg brothers preform at Sweetwater Concert for the Cure on August 28, 2019.

Emily Cardwell, Staff

December 10, 2019

Among the many friendly faces at Drake High School, senior Ray Holmberg and freshman Paul Holmberg stand out. One thing in particular that makes these siblings original is their band.  After playing music together for the majority of their lives, the brothers released their first single, “Mystery,...

Students show support, make new “PALS”

Drake students pose for a picture during a PALS lunch activity

Samantha Parr, Staff

December 9, 2019

Every month, over one hundred students come together to create bonds that will last throughout high school. In The Partners At Lunch (PALS) club, students with and without disabilities address misconceptions about those with disabilities and demonstrate support for each other by just spending time tog...

Students rush off campus, spend a whopping amount of money

Students leaving the Saunders parking lot for lunch by foot and car.

Samantha Parr, Staff

November 20, 2019

It’s lunchtime and students flood out of their classrooms, making their way to the parking lot to their cars or walking to nearby restaurants. Instead of staying on campus, many venture out to downtown San Anselmo and Fairfax to grab a bite. From the time the lunch bell rings every day to the end of lunch...

County wide power outages fueled by climate change 

A United Markets grocery isle stands bare during Marin County’s power outage.

Melissa Auchard, Staff

November 11, 2019

From Saturday, October 26 until Wednesday, Oct. 30, Marin County’s rolling hills, usually glittered with lights from million dollar homes, stood dark and lonely.  Street lights no longer displayed bright hues of red, yellow, or green and were replaced by reflective stop signs. Nearly every shop...

Community rejects measure to restore local park 

One of the wooden play structures in Memorial Park on October 17th, 2018

Sarah Barsky

November 11, 2019

The community voted “no” on Measure M, a  proposition to restore local park on Tuesday, November 5th. The decision came after a long dispute on whether to leave Memorial Park as it is or to repair it to meet safety standards.    Measure M proposed a $98 annual tax for each residential unit with ra...

New recycling initiative suffers from lack of awareness 

Kaden Brastow and Jack Reuter

November 7, 2019

As the severity of global warming rises, national concern has been drawn to the effectiveness of the US recycling systems. Composting and conscious recycling are more important now than ever. An alliance of administrators and students are currently tackling the issue at this school.  According to ...