Jolly Roger

An open letter from our Journalism Adviser to the TUHSD Board of Trustees

Jon Weller, Journalism Adviser

March 12, 2020

Instead of a maximum impact on kids with minimal savings, shoot for a minimum impact with maximum savings.


Stefanie Iojica, Editor-in-Chief

January 4, 2020

You already know the drill. The Christmas music starts playing, eggnog appears on supermarket shelves, and sparkling lights illuminate homes on every block as the weather starts to chill. Yet something else is also going up. Holiday ...

Green movement alienates working class, people of color

Stefanie Iojica, Editor-in-Chief

November 7, 2019

Black children poisoned in Flint, Michigan; inner-city residents dying from heat waves; Poor infants irreparably harmed by the lead paint flaking from the walls of their aging homes: these are the faces of the people affected by...