Jolly Roger

Diversity training educates teachers

Simone Anguera, Opinion Editor

October 17, 2018

Every year, students rejoice after discovering that they have a substitute teacher at the front of the class. Substitute teachers indicate a movie, fun activity, or light work during the period, and there is usually a welcome...

Drama department prepares for a semester of productions

Skylar Oswald, Ads and Business

October 17, 2018

David Smith, head of the Drama department for 27 years, is preparing his students for a semester full of productions. Smith has produced plays authored by Shakespeare and Monty Python in outdoor and indoor venues. Senior Brianna...

Teacher strikes benefit educators, students

Emma Honkola, Reporter

May 10, 2018

Teachers will withstand almost anything. On a daily basis, they have to deal with rowdy children, papers to grade, and over-involved parents. What won’t teachers withstand? Low wages and low school funding. And they shouldn...